The Importance of Networking Within Your Company


When most people think of networking, they envision meeting new people outside of their organization to gain access to opportunities and knowledge that they may not have otherwise. However, networking within your company is just as important, and can be even more beneficial than connecting with external people.

Organizing coffee and lunch roulette sessions can help you build relationships with your coworkers that go beyond superficial small talk. Having these conversations can foster trust, and allow employees to share their highs and lows in a safe environment. This can lead to better team cooperation and more dynamic knowledge exchange.

Aside from the fact that these activities can be fun and engaging, they can also break down invisible barriers that can hinder communication in companies with remote and hybrid work cultures. These barriers are often based on hierarchical and departmental structures, which can lead to communication gaps and silo mentality. These can be difficult to overcome, especially when working remotely or in a hybrid work environment.

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