How to Implement a Data Governance Program in Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, the PDPO establishes data subject rights and specific obligations to data controllers through six data protection principles. It also prohibits unauthorised collection, processing, erasure, loss or use of personal data and requires that data be collected for a lawful purpose and not retained for longer than is necessary. It applies to data users both within and outside of the SAR.

A Data Governance Program Involves Many People

Even a small data governance project will impact a large number of employees, customers and partners. They will all have opinions and some may voice them loudly. The best way to manage this is with a responsibility assignment matrix such as RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted and informed). This will help ensure that the right person is involved in decision making at the right time.

A Data Governance Leader

The data governance team will need to have a dedicated, skilled, and experienced project manager. This person will coordinate tasks for stewards, help them communicate decisions and serve as the primary point of escalation to the executive sponsor and steering committee. They will also drive ongoing data audits and metrics that assess the program’s success and ROI.

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