MMA betting is a popular way to place bets on combat sports. In contrast to other sports, MMA offers bettors a wide variety of outcomes. Choosing the right bet can make the difference between winning and losing. Before you begin, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the sport and the different MMA bets available. This will ensure that you know what you’re getting into and can place the best wagers possible.

One of the most common MMA bets involves placing a wager on an underdog. These bets are often more volatile than other types of MMA bets, but they also offer a higher payout. For example, a $100 bet on an underdog that wins the fight by disqualification would return $250. However, this bet is more risky than others, so it’s important to be sure you have the discipline to stick with it.

Another popular MMA bet is Over/Under for round totals. Betting on these is a great way to predict the length of the fight. When a bet is placed, the oddsmaker sets a price based on the implied probability that the fight will reach a particular round’s total. The oddsmakers tend to set lines to benefit their employers.

The number of rounds in the fight will also affect your choice of bets. If the fight is going to go to the distance, there will be more chances for a draw. As a result, it’s important to consider the length of each round. Often, it’s not easy to guess the exact length of each round.

Takedowns are another key element of MMA betting. A successful takedown shows dominance. Additionally, a fighter’s success is determined by the number of significant legal strikes they land. Also, illegal strikes can result in point deductions based on the opinion of the referee.

Another factor to consider is whether the fighter is a southpaw or orthodox. Southpaws usually have an advantage over orthodox fighters. It’s also important to note the weight class of your fighter. Fighters who are moving down in their class have a harder time maintaining weight. They may starve or dehydrate in order to avoid a weight cut.

Some of the biggest names in MMA include Demetrious Johnson, Angela Lee, and Brandon Vera. Many fans prefer to bet on these fighters to win big.

Unlike other sports, MMA offers bettors the chance to win large amounts of money. With the proper knowledge, a bet can be a fun and rewarding experience. Be prepared to devote time to researching your bets and placing them. Joining online forums can help you make informed bets.

It’s important to learn about the sport’s rules and regulations before placing a bet. Using a reputable sportsbook that provides a wide selection of MMA bets will allow you to find the odds you need. You can also try to take advantage of the UFC’s “money line” on a fight.

A parlay bet is another type of MMA bet that involves predicting the outcome of two or more fights. If you are able to correctly pick all of the individual components of a parlay bet, you will win the entire bet. But if the parts don’t come together, you’ll lose the money.

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