MMA betting is an excellent way to enjoy the sport of mixed martial arts, without having to travel to the stadium. Fortunately, many online UFC betting sites allow you to bet on any of the matches at your convenience. Just make sure that you check the odds before placing your bets. There are many factors that play a role in the odds, such as fighters’ history, current form and past results. You should also consider a fighter’s physical traits, like reach and height.

There are a few types of MMA betting, including Money Line bets, Over/Under bets and Method of Victory props. While these wagers are riskier than standard point spreads, they can yield greater profits when placed correctly. The most common MMA bet is the Money Line, where you place a bet on either a favorite or underdog to win a fight. The plus sign indicates the underdog, for example Ferguson here at +230, while a negative (-) sign means that a $100 wager will net you a profit of $230.

One thing that many bettors overlook is a fighter’s past record when handicapping a match. This is because there are a lot of crossover opponents inside a weight class, meaning that if FIGHTER A beats FIGHTER B then FIGHTER C should be able to do the same. This type of reasoning can mislead bettors and take away from studying fight film and evaluating a fighter’s style.

Another type of MMA bet is the Method of Victory prop, which predicts how a fight will end. This includes a knockout, technical knockout, submission or decision. Knockouts can happen at any time in MMA, as the referee is required to protect a hurt fighter and stop the match when it becomes too dangerous for them to continue. Technical knockouts occur when a fighter is rendered unconscious by a blow and the referee stops the fight to prevent further damage.

Submission bets are based on the different locks and chokes that are used in MMA fighting. They can be as simple as a fighter “tapping out” to a hold that their opponent has, or more serious, such as a submission via choke. The referee is responsible for judging a fighter’s submission attempt, so it’s important to look at a fighter’s past performance when betting on this prop.

MMA betting is legal in most countries and states, but it’s important to check your local laws before placing bets. Many people prefer to watch a fight in-person at a sportsbook, but there are also mobile MMA betting apps available that can help you bet on the action. Some of these apps have live streaming, which lets you bet on the action as it unfolds. The best mobile MMA betting apps feature a wide variety of bets and can be used anywhere that’s connected to the internet. Some even offer live streaming of the event so that you can place a bet on a fight from anywhere in the world.

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