As an Asian company, SpadeGaming has already had a huge success in Asia, and it is now set to enter the European market. The company’s video slots are HTML5-powered and feature free spins bonus rounds and high RTPs. Read on to discover the benefits of playing with this company! If you’re new to the online gaming industry, SpadeGaming may be the perfect choice for you!

Spadegaming is an Asian-based company

A leading online gaming company, Spadegaming offers hundreds of titles with a wide variety of themes and languages. Its Asian heritage is evident in its diverse game library and its attention to detail. Its unified API platform enables integration with any online casino. These games boast an average Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.6%, and are available on most Asian-based gaming sites.

It offers HTML5-powered video slots

HTML5 technology has brought great changes to the Gaming industry. Thanks to HTML5 technology, many mobile slots now run smoothly on all devices. These games are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. Because of their HTML5 support, these games are also available on any smart device. Just make sure to have a stable internet connection to enjoy them. Listed below are some of the advantages of HTML5 technology in gaming.

It offers free spins bonus rounds

One of the best things about playing the free spins bonus rounds of slot machines is that they are re-activable. Free spins can be re-triggered, and in some cases, players can even get extra rounds or wild multipliers. These features are highly valued by international players, as they increase the winnings significantly. You can find a hold and spin bonus feature in the Magical Lamp slot by Spadegaming. All you need to do is land six of the bonus symbols on a payline to activate the feature.

It offers high RTPs

Several game providers are known for offering high RTPs, but it is important to check the actual payout percentage of each. In this article we’ll take a look at a few examples of Spadegaming games that feature high RTPs. These games are typically high volatility and can offer up to 50,000x your stake! But how do they manage to achieve these high payout percentages? How do developers determine what their game’s RTP will be?

It offers table games

In addition to slot machines, Spadegaming also has table games. You can play Gold Champions, Dragon Gold, Golden Whale, and Space Monkey. The Gold Champions slot machine is a combination of matching items to win. Another Spadegaming slot is 168 Fortunes. These games incorporate aspects of Asian culture with western influences. If you’d like to try out this casino game for yourself, make sure you check out the website today.

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