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SUID/SDY prevention activities are based on data that is collected through multiple sources. It is essential for sites to collect accurate and complete data in order to accurately monitor SUID/SDY rates, identify risk factors, and develop informed prevention strategies. Providing accurate and complete data also ensures that site-specific trends are identified, which can help identify and respond to areas of improvement and to track progress toward reducing SUID/SDY deaths.

To increase the impact of your SUID/SDY prevention activities, consider these strategies:

1. Establishing a system for recording infant sleep positions.

2. Educating families about safe sleep practices.

3. Training hospital staff and community members to implement safe sleep recommendations.

4. Supporting policy changes that require childcare centers to apply safe sleep guidelines.

5. Conducting community participatory planning to address challenges to implementing safe sleep recommendations.

6. Developing infant sleep position-specific education and training for community partners.

7. Providing a toolkit of educational materials and resources to parents, providers, and other community members.

8. Providing evidence-based information about safe sleep practices to health care professionals and hospitals.

9. Providing community partners with tools and resources to promote the implementation of safe sleep practices in homes, childcare settings, and hospitals.

10. Monitoring SUID/SDY trends and characteristics that may influence a child’s risk of a SIDS death, such as infant sleep position.

Providing a variety of ways for families to receive support and guidance on safely sleeping their babies is important for reducing SUID/SDY deaths. This includes offering community meetings to educate and train families, partnering with local organizations, and promoting best practices. In addition, the National Center for Safe Sleep has developed a toolkit of education and resources to support health care professionals in providing safe sleep information to their patients.

The best way to prevent SUID/SDY is by teaching and supporting safe sleep practices. This includes educating parents about safe sleep, encouraging healthcare professionals to offer evidence-based information about safe sleep, and advocating for policy changes that support safe sleep guidelines. It is also important to train healthcare workers to recognize and respond to early warning signs of a SIDS/SUID/SDY, such as breathing difficulties.

The CDC estimates that nearly 3,500 children die of SIDS and Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy (SUID/SDY) in the United States every year. While many of these deaths can be prevented, there is still a need to continue research into the causes of SIDS and SDY. This information can be used to improve safe sleep practices, prevent tragedies, and reduce morbidity and mortality from these deaths. The CDC’s SUID/SDY Prevention Program continues to work to make this happen by funding research, education, and public health activities. To learn more, visit the CDC’s website. To read more about SUID/SDY prevention, see the CDC’s 2024 National Plan to Prevent SIDS and SDY.

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