Spadegaming has emerged as one of the most influential game development companies in Asia. Their spirit of innovation, boundless creativity, and technology have led to an unmatched portfolio of games. Their library of games includes Asian-themed games, along with world-class titles that showcase stunning graphics and sound effects. The company is committed to bringing gamers the very best gaming experience.


If you are looking for an innovative online casino that has a high quality selection of slots and other casino games, Spadegaming is worth checking out. This casino software company is one of the pioneers of mobile gaming in Asia, and began developing mobile solutions in 2013. Its collection of online slots is designed to work well with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Its games load instantly and are optimized for both landscape and portrait modes.

Table games

If you are looking to get into online gambling, you might be interested in playing Spadegaming table games. These games are designed with the Asian culture in mind, and they offer impressive sound effects. Spadegaming is a company based in the Philippines and has over 120 titles in its library. It offers table games, slot machines, and arcade games.

Live dealer casino

Playing a live dealer casino game online offers a variety of benefits. First of all, you can chat with the dealer and other players from around the world. This gives you the chance to make new friends and interact with other casino goers.

Arcade games

For those of you who don’t have a land-based arcade near you, Spadegaming has opened up their doors. This gaming studio offers a variety of classic slot machines that combine simplicity and fast-paced action. But Spadegaming is about much more than just arcade games. The company also offers a number of interactive experiences focusing on Asian culture and incorporating elements of western culture.

Free spins bonus rounds

The Free Spins bonus round is one of the most popular bonus features in the Spadegaming game library. While most games only have a standard number of free spins, others offer multipliers and extra Wilds to keep the gameplay fresh. Other exciting elements of the Free Spins rounds include Wild Multipliers and the retriggerable bonus feature. This makes it easy to win big by using different combinations of the Free Spins bonus feature. Another popular feature is the Gold Panther slot bonus, which turns the Wild symbol into a multiplier.


Spadegaming offers a range of slot games that have plenty of features and are graphical-rich. Most of these games incorporate a variety of Asian themes, and the company has over 60 slots to choose from. The company has worked with a variety of software developers, including SkillOnNet and BetConstruct, to ensure that players have the best possible experience. All of the games are developed to the highest standards and use HTML5 technology, making them as safe as possible for players to enjoy.

Mobile compatibility

Using a smartphone or tablet to play Spadegaming slots is convenient and easy to do. Most of the games have been optimized for mobile compatibility, so that you can play from any location with a data connection. All you have to do is install the proper mobile app on your device and you’re all set to play.

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